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Next Step for Design

Next Step for Design

6x6 Canopy

Impressive tents to boost your brand value

Promotions at any outdoor event are always incomplete without a good looking portable canopy tent to help you while you’re at it. A well designed 6x6 pop up canopy is certain to garner attention at a public event, making it an effortless way to promote your brand. The 6x6 canopy can be used for a number of purposes including:

  • Product displays
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade shows

Economic pop up canopies are currently a favourite among companies looking to execute branding promotions and exhibitions outdoors. These cheap canopies are also simple to assemble and install. With complete coverage and protection, our 6x6 canopy are a great way to escape the hot sun or the heavy rains at outdoor events while promoting your brand with ease.

They are a great choice for any event and provide a very welcoming atmosphere with their large structure. At any fair or event, a canopy tent with sides is bound to garner the most attention, and makes your brand or product look flawless. Whether you’re a brand looking to promote yourself or even a wholesale canopy supplier looking to procure economic canopies for sale, buy these outdoor canopy tents online for a branding exercise like no other.

Hardware Material : Steel

Graphic Material :Tent Fabric

Powder Coated : White

Topper Attachment Option :Canopy topper comes with velcro on the inside edge of the valance to attach the topper easily with back wall

Graphic Care Instructions

Tent Fabric is covered with protective layer so not recommanded to wash in machine or using any strong detergant.Only deep cleaning in warm water is sutaible for the same.

Do wash your tent with water, a soft sponge, and a non-detergent soap.Do let your tent dry completely(in sun is preferred,if possible) after being washed or wiped down.

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