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Water Bottle Labels are Durable, Ready to Use, and Highly Visible

If you want more customers to try your products, you need clear labels that reflect your brand. Your bottled water and other drinks need to stand out in a way that will help grab attention while sitting on store shelves. Our bottle stickers are a great way to label and brand your product in order to leave an impression on customers.

We make our bottle labels out of non-reflective paper which is completely glare free. They are resistant to smudges and fingerprints, which make them reliable and long-lasting.

The waterproof bottle labels come ready to use without any preparation or installation. You can attach them to your bottles as soon as you get them. Save time so that you can focus on other tasks for your business.

Our personalised water bottle labels feature gloss or matte finishes that provide a high level of visibility. They can help draw attention to make customers more likely to pick your product off the shelf.

Bottle Stickers are Customisable and Lightweight

You can select from a large variety of size options to ensure your bottle labels are just the right size and shape for your product. We make it easy to create a design that works for your unique needs.

Made of lightweight paper material, these waterproof bottle labels are easy to use and transport. You can store them with ease when they are not in use.

Water Bottle Labels are Easy to Order

Select from a wide variety of shipping options to get your order of personalised water bottle labels at a time that fits comfortably into your business schedule. Many options are available to help you stay within a budget while still getting all the labels you need for your production line.

Shop for Water Bottle Labels for your business online at Circle One.

100 GSM Label Matte
  • Paper sticker with an elegant non-reflective matte finish
  • For indoor use only, not waterproof
  • Can be written on with a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen
100 GSM Label Gloss
  • Paper sticker with gloss finish
  • For indoor use only, not waterproof
  • Can be written on with a permanent ink marker or ballpoint pen
  • Product border Should be minimum 3 mm.Thin borders can come out lopsided due to the cutting process.
  • Size Variance: +/- 3mm