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Giant Cheques

Let the world know of your generosity with custom giant cheques

  • Made of strong PVC foam sheet that ensures durability and structural integrity
  • High quality prints that encourage audience engagement and call for attention
  • Durable finish that ensures longevity
  • Variety of sizes available for maximum customizability

Let your brand’s identity shine through at any promotional event with these jumbo presentation cheques. Proudly display your organization’s presence as you celebrate the gift of giving with these large presentation cheques to an audience that is sure to remember. These custom giant cheques can be used in:

  • Charity events
  • Prize distributions
  • Fundraisers
  • Giveaways
  • As souvenirs
  • Birthday parties or corporate events

Now, you can promote your brand while spreading the joy of giving with our custom giant cheques. These cheques ensure your brand cements a positive impression on others, with their high-quality color reproduction and long-lasting prints. Designed to be durable with a strong PVC foam sheet, the high quality prints ensure they stand out. A choice from various cheque sizes and customizable prints puts the power of choosing your brand identity in your hands. These oversized cheques come with:

  • A solid PVC construction that ensures structural integrity and long life
  • High quality prints and color reproduction to ensure longevity
  • Customizable cheque sizes

Come into the limelight and increase your visibility with these customizable products. They are sure to leave a lasting impression, with jumbo cheques offering a unique way for brands to proudly display their identities and support for any and all causes.

  • Material: PVC Foam Sheet
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Base Color: White
  • Printing: UV