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Safeguard your commercial spaces with high-quality shield displays to offer an unmatched quality experience to customers:
  • Black coated aluminum gives an attractive appeal and adds durability too
  • Telescopic poles for adjusting height and width
  • Ample sizes available
  • Offers 90% vision clarity
  • PVC clear panel has pole pockets for quick and easy display
  • Perfect for restaurants, barbershops, café, offices, and other commercial spaces
Smart & Effective Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shields for Preventive Commercial Spaces

Provide a great customer experience to your existing and prospective customers with high-quality screen sneeze shields. They are available in different sizes to fit the space available at the restaurants, coffee shops, retail stores, hospitals, salons, and other public sites. Adjustable screen shields are durable enough to provide your customers with the shield against airborne and COVID-19 infections. As the name implies, these screen guards are adjustable according to the height & width required for the capacity of customers, visitors, and staff at your workspace.

High-quality Sneeze Shields for Regular Usage at Public Establishments

PVC clear vinyl panel comes with 90% vision clarity for a protected view from opposite directions. Pole pockets have been provided on its top and bottom to fix it on the stand without any delay. The product turns out to be light in weight yet durable for continuous use at high foot-fall commercial sites and do not topple over easily. And therefore, comes with utmost ease to set up, handle, and shift to another location. The hardware includes - black coated aluminum, telescopic poles for quick adjustments as per the required height and width. The product is feasible and quick to install as no further tools required in the setup. Black aluminum poles not only turn the sturdiness of the product but also appear to be attractive to complement the color theme of your interiors.

Analyzing the present phase of Coronavirus pandemic or even other airborne infections, these screen sneeze shields aid in turning your commercial sites or corporate offices into a more protective and hygienic one. It is highly vital and advisable to equip business sites with preventive tools and precautionary measures to maintain health standards for both employees and customers. So, without ado, add these protective sneeze shields and other variations of sneeze guards, safety products to your cart for combatting the COVID-19 and other communicable contagions. Feel free to reach us for further queries on the product, material know-how, set up guidelines, cost, and lots more.

  • Hardware Material: Black coated Aluminum
  • Hardware Details: Telescopic poles for width and height adjustment.
  • No additional tools required for the setup
  • Clear Panel Material: PVC Clear Vinyl 580 GSM (+/- 10 GSM).
  • The clear panel comes with top and bottom pole pockets to fix it on the stand.
  • Clear Panel Material Thickness: 0.5 mm
  • Vision Clarity: Up to 90%
  • Removing Wrinkles :You can use a hair dryer to remove the wrinkles. Make sure the hair dryer is on low heat to avoid any damage.
  • The hair dryer must not come into direct contact with the material.

Size (W X H)

Panel Size Including Pocket (W X H)

Ft (5 x 4)

60 In x 58 In

Ft (5 x 5)

60 In x 70 In

Ft (5 x 6)

60 In x 82 In

Ft (5 x 6.5)

60 In x 88 In

Ft (6 x 8)

72 In x 106 In

Setup Instructions for Adjustable Screen Sneeze Shield

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