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The increase in competition with the competitors and new entrants in the market have made the people dealing with advertising thinking of something innovative every time a new product has to be introduced. Not only for products even if there is an event coming up that promotes young and fresh talents, the organizers need to advertise in such a way that audience get attracted and come for the event.

So the rise in competition has led to evolving of various advertising techniques. The increase in advertisements has led to increase in variety of Banner Stands available in the market. So it confuses the marketing team as to what banners do they have to use.

CircleOne believes that anything that is unique helps in gathering large number of people to that particular advertisement. So we offer L Mini Table Top Banner Stands. It's generally awkward when we hear about table top stands. This will be the main uniqueness that will gather large people to view the banner.

We offer both vertical and horizontal kind of stands. We offer various kinds of L Mini Table Top Banner stands like retractable, roll ups, pole, portable, etc. the customers can choose what best suits their needs. The sizes also vary from one type to other. So the advertising can never go wrong with so much variety available.

The advantage of using these banners stands are the cost is low when compared to other banner stands. The banner stands need just one table on top of which it can be placed. Both the banner stands and the table are very long lasting. So this investment will not go in waste.

The height of the banner need not be as big as the other banners because these banners are placed on the tables, so this automatically increase the height of the banner. They are very easy to join and also easy to dismantle it.

The banner stands need to be placed in a safe place to avoid damage and to keep it in good condition for long term, this drives to the point that they reusable. The customers get all these options online which make it simple for them to select. The only thing that customers fear is whether they will get the same product as they have opted online. They do not have to be bothered because the item that is on display in our website will be the same that you will receive.

The banners can also be easily fixed on the banners. The customers can order the banners wither from our site or they can order it elsewhere. The reason being the mechanism of fixing the banners are so simple, that even if they purchase banners from outside, they need not have to be bothered. Any help or doubt before selection of the product or after receiving the product, we are always there to help you. Our customer support team is always on their foot to give the best support to the customers.

  • Graphic Material : Canvas
  • Hardware Material : Wooden
  • Hardware Details : Bamboo Rails Support Arms w/ Support Leg
  • Printing : Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Graphic Weight : 345 GSM

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