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Magnetic stickers are a sure shot way to reach out to your target audience in no time! Circle One gets the most trending magnetic stickers for your business which will help you a great deal in reaching out to a large number of people in no time. Magnetic stickers can be used to stick to cars which are a useful way to advertise for your banners. All you need to do is get the best suitable sticker for your business and advertise it on cars and vehicles. These magnetic stickers are a great way to reach out to your target audience. Magnetic stickers for cars are your best bet when it comes to advertising.

Car door magnets are a great fact way to reach out to maximum number of people. You can design them the way you want. The best thing about these car magnets is that they are ready in the shortest amount of time and hence they can be used for your advertising campaign soon afterwards.

Magnetic stickers are very easy to apply without any help from anyone. All you need to do is get a one that suits your business requirements the best and then stick it to your car. You just need to remove the sticker paper and then apply the sticker on the car door. This will get your advertisement campaign ready and will ensure that the car will look the best and the most amazing as well. You can lure a lot of people to your car and the advertisement too with the magnetic sticker. It will be a win-win situation as you will not only be able to advertise but also flaunt your car along with it.

Circle One team ensures that you get the most suitable design for your magnetic sticker which will stand out in heavy traffic roads. They will strike out the prospective customers and make them interested in your product. It is great idea to have your magnetic stickers have attractive font and colors. They need to have a background that it easily noticeable and also make the font look good. This will help the people understand the business and also about your company.

Circle One team ensures that we give you quality work which reflects in all our designs. We make the best designs which are a reason our clients leave us happily and keep coming back to us. You will understand our value added services and also love the designs that we make for you. Our team brainstorms with you and helps you get the best package for your website which will get you a lot of clients as quickly as we make the website for you.

We at Circle One customize your magnetic stickers as per your requirement and produce the best possible one for you. We make all different sizes of magnetic stickers for your vehicles and cars which are a sure shot way to reach out to your target audience. So get one today!

  • Material: Flexible Magnetic Sheet
  • Material Thickness: 800 micron
  • Graphic Weight: 2570 GSM
  • Printing: Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Printing Type: Direct printing on substrate

Three crucial steps to note before installing your magnetic sign:

  • The magnetic sign will be delivered in a roll foam
  • The magnetic sign needs to be straightened before application
  • To straighten the sign, gently flex it in the opposite direction

Tips for magnetic signs for best care:

  • Weekly removal and cleaning of the vehicle and Magnetic Signs help avoid magnetic polarisation of the vehicle’s surfaces under the magnetic sign.
  • It is recommended that magnetic signs be removed, inspected, and cleaned after every significant rain or snowfall event.
  • Make sure to completely dry your magnetic sign and the vehicle surface after cleaning.
  • Don’t drag the magnet across the surface of the car. If you need to reposition the sign, remove it by pulling back on a corner. This protects the finish of the vehicle.
  • Don’t apply the magnet over rust, trim work, deep curves, or vinyl car wraps. These things create air gaps, which prevent the magnetic sheeting from fully gripping the metal. As a result, the sign is likely to fall off.
  • Don’t trap water or grit between the magnet and vehicle surface. Not only does this create an air gap, but it can damage the finish of the vehicle.

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