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The best Window Decals are those that not only protect the privacy but also advertise something important or spread any social messages are the Clear Window Decals.

In India, many social activities take place or there are many events and festivities going on. So to spread that awareness or to enlighten the consumers about the offers, the companies or the NGO's needs to advertise. Advertisements are one way that gathers attention of audience at large. By this way one can pass on the information with ease and within less time.

We in India also have started offering our customers with Clear Window Decals. These are very useful if the stores or the company wants to advertise through their storefront windows. These can be used for both limited (short) as well unlimited (long) period. This also depends on the necessity of the customer.

The Clear Window Decals as mentioned is printed for both short and long term, but for both needs the materials used are different. If one needs to pin up an advertisement for a limited time or period, then they can go in for Clear Static Clings wherein adhesives are not used and they can be easily removed, preserved and repositioned. The other is the Clear Vinyl wherein a very strong adhesive is used to stick the Decals. These are used when the banner or the advertisement needs to be placed for a long period of time or that needs to be fixed permanently.

The Decals come in full color size and these can be easily customized as required by the customers. Since the print type used gives a very vibrant effect to the advertisements, they catch the eyes of many people.

The printing technology used on the Decals is unique. The printing technologies that are used by us are Solid Printing, Solid White Printing and Transparent Color Printing (The concept is similar to the stained glass printing).

In India, people like brands but when it comes to something that is not that popular as a brand, then people go by the advertisements that are put up. The Clear Window Decals come in the size that the customer requires. They can be stuck easily and removed easily.

The Clear Window Decals are great when the designs to be printed on them are very elaborate. Many Businesses like Spas, Restaurants, Bars, etc. use Clear Window Decals for the purpose of advertisements. Many of the business use the Window Decals as the source by which they can communicate the working hours of the business.

So to make your business flourish and to sustain in the market, one must use unique techniques to engage the Indian audiences that will pull them towards the shop or outlet.

The customers can pin their hopes on us as the details given by them will be properly stored and printed. The customers will not be disappointed by our services. We are awaiting your purchase order to be placed with us and to enlighten your world with success.

  • Material: Clear Vinyl
  • Film: Gloss Optical Ultra Clear Transparent Monomeric Calendered Vinyl with Clear Back Paper.
  • Color: Clear front / Clear back
  • Material Thickness: 120 microns
  • Graphic Weight: 130 GSM
  • Size Variance: +/- 3mm
  • Printing: Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Note: The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

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