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Next Step for Design

Weatherproof Custom Market Umbrella with Anti-Skid Base

Custom Market Umbrella provides portable shade and coverage for any outdoor seating space.  Besides offering a comfortable shade from the sun and rain, they serve as a powerful branding statement to all of your consumers. Market umbrellas with custom printing are ideal for any business purpose, including cafés, restaurants, and outdoor events.

The protective coating applied to the fabric makes the custom printed market umbrella UV and fade resistant. The canopy's height when erected is 8.58 feet. The pole's sturdy structure with eight-rib construction, anti-skid base, and weatherproof fabric will keep you protected from the sun, rain, and other elements.

An anti-skid base made of concrete and rubber padding, a base tube, a shim, ring, adapter, coupler, screw, nut, lower pole, top pole with umbrella structure, and a finial are all included in the entire hardware package. The setup does not require any additional tools because the kit includes all of the necessary hardware components.

Another great feature of custom market umbrellas is the vented umbrella design, which allows air to circulate through the fabric. The stability and sturdiness are enhanced by the vents' assistance in controlling air pressure. The innovative design of the vents prevents rain from getting on the outer layer of the canopy while allowing only air to pass through.

Custom Market Umbrella Provides Shelter From a Variety of Angles

The structure and design of custom market umbrellas are kept simple and straightforward so that you don't have to spend hours every day attempting to raise and lower it. The hand crank lift enables the umbrella canopy to be open and shut quickly. To open it, simply turn the crank counterclockwise. Alternatively, you may close the canopy in minutes by rotating the hand crank anti-clockwise.

The convenient push-button tilt design of the BannerBuzz custom printed market umbrella adds to its useful characteristics. It can be tilted at any angle up to 35 degrees, giving it a very adaptable sun screening option. As the sun moves, you can effortlessly adjust the umbrella with the touch of a button and enjoy shelter from a variety of angles.

Octagon-Shaped Custom Market Umbrella Provides Greater Coverage And Superior Shading

Our custom market umbrella has been meticulously created in the shape of an octagon. In comparison to other designs such as square, round, and rectangular, the octagon design offers a high covering efficiency. It covers 20% more surface area than other forms with the same perimeter.

  • Umbrella Shape: Octagon
  • Umbrella Feature: Tilting, can be tilted up to 35 degrees. Vented
  • Frame Material: Iron, Powder Coated Black
  • Hardware Parts: Base – 1 pc, Base Tube – 1 pc, Shim – 1 pc, Ring – 1 pc, Ring Adapter – 1pc, Coupling – 1pc, Screw – 1 pc, Nut – 1pc. Lower Pole – 1pc. Upper Pole with Umbrella structure – 1pc. Finial – 1pc
  • Base Tube Diameter: 1.8 Inch approx.
  • Base Color: Powder Coated Black
  • Lower Pole / Upper Pole Diameter: 1.5 Inch approx.
  • Pole Color: Powder Coated Black
  • No. of Ribs: 8
  • Rib Spacing: 3 feet approx.
  • Rib Length: 4.5 feet approx.
  • Lift Mechanism: Crank
  • Graphic Material: Tent Fabric 270 GSM
  • Printing: Dye-Sublimation Printing, outside only. Inside color will be as per the fabric
  • Base Material: Concrete with Rubber padding for anti-skid
  • Base Diameter: 14 Inch approx.
  • Base Height: 2.75 Inch approx.
  • Base Tube Height: 8.66 Inch approx.
  • Lower Pole Height: 3.47 Feet approx.
  • Base Shape: Round
  • Not recommend to use in windy weather

Umbrella Cover Specification:

  • Material: 12 Oz, 1000 Denier, PVC Coated Polyester.
  • Feature: High Durability, Tear & Abrasion Resistant, Medium Weight, Feels Like Vinyl.
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • UV Resistant: Yes

Graphic Care Instructions:

Tent Fabric is covered with protective layer so not recommended to wash in machine or using any strong detergent. Only deep cleaning in warm water is suitable for the same.

  • Do wash your tent with water, a soft sponge, and a non-detergent soap.
  • Do let your canopy dry completely (in sun is preferred, if possible) after being washed or wiped down.

Setup Instructions for Custom Market Umbrella

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