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When we think about our privacy be it commercial or residential, one is always keen that the information is not let to outsiders or even insiders for few of the matters. We like keeping our lives confidential and we also like keeping our work confidential. We do not like spreading the information that forms a gossip in the neighborhood or at work place.

So to rescue people with this kind of nuance and by placing privacy as the priority, we provide our Indian customers with Opaque Window Decals. Many of us think that all these are available only in Foreign Markets, but we here are proving that these type of privacy Decals are also available in the Indian market and at a reasonable price.

They generally come in thickness of 0.015" which equals to thickness of 4 sheets. They come in White Color with a bubble free finish. They are printed using UV ink because these are placed to protect our rooms with heat waves and flowing of light inside the room that is graced by the sun, so to avoid fading of the decals and continue to protect us with harmful radiations, UV Ink is used.

They come with an estimated life span of say five years only if these are not exposed continuously to water, else the Opaque Window Decals will not sustain for long. So before installing the Decals, one must also take proper care of the Do's and Don'ts. Once the customer is fully aware of the guidelines, then they can start installing the Decals.

These decals can be customized based on the likes of the customers and then it can be delivered. The delivery is only done when everything is approved by the customers.

These decals can be cut into any shape that is required by the customers. These can also be customized and printed also in the way that the customers like. The Opaque Window Decals give the most privacy to any place. These have to be ordered in a minimum size of 6X6 and these cannot go beyond 52"X 1798".

Many people think that the adhesives used might ruin the glasses on which the Decals are placed but in reality they do not ruin any glass or window as these can be easily removed. They must be cleaned with a damp cloth but remember the cloth used for cleaning must not be very wet and it should not be removed and stuck very often. When one is installing the decal, the person needs to remove all the air bubbles and plain the opaque window decal. Generally a person can single handedly place these on the glass but for emergency a person can use a second hand for help.

The customers can explore the various options that we provide and can select from that or they can customize the template and share with us. As we believe in making customers happy, their choice becomes our need to deliver. The customer support is provided before the purchase of Opaque Window Decals and also after the sales.

  • Material: White Vinyl (Opaque)
  • Film: 100 Micron White Monomeric Vinyl
  • Color: White Gloss Front/Back
  • Material Thickness: 250 microns
  • Graphic Weight: 130 GSM
  • Size Variance: +/- 3mm
  • Glossiness: Surface Gloss 70 Min
  • Shelf-life: 6 Months (Printed Surface)
  • Printing: Full Color, 720 DPI Eco-Solvent or Latex Print
  • Note: The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches

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