Attract People to your Business with Custom Floor Stickers / Decals / Signs (Clear)

Floor stickers are a unique way to attract people to your business in a very nice way as they not only attract attention but also help to reach out to people. Why only restrict to designing the glass door and walls, when we could even bring dimension to the floor. Let design lead your footsteps to the next big thing. Floor decals are an impeccable and impressive way to promote events or products, and can be wisely used as flooring advertising guiding one in finding device in malls walking on sidewalks directing to store aisles.

These days when every single person has their heads bowing down at technology, the floor stickers shall grab the attention right to the product. The stickers are completely durable and easily removable. The sticker can be used for a period of time and later removed for another promotion to grab the floor. From wall stickers the market has introduced us to floor stickers. Wonder an amalgamation of both in one would be dynamic. Companies are coming up with collectives of visual artists, creating floor decals that are as artistic as they are functional.

Not only restricting and limiting to advertisements but home decors is taken by storm by floor decals, an easy removable and good for decorating homes every now and then. Change is the only thing constant, and adding value to the floor of your rooms shall be a delight to watch. Floor decals are much easier than paint in-fact they only take few minutes to put on, they do not damage the flooring and are easy to maintain, an easy commercial wash shall clear up that dirt. They are generally sold in multi pack packages that contain various decals containing all yet different part of the same theme.

Most of floor stickers providers have the option for custom design and printing while some may offer only per-designed and fabricated floor decals. Also, if you aim to place the floor tattoo in a slightly unconventional spot you might need the aid of a professional at the job. Emphasizing on the floor decal generation can satisfy a lot of whimsical design ideas that could otherwise not turn out disastrous- as at the very least expensive, less time consuming, and removable sticker. Providing a chance to play, while putting very little at risk. All that time invested will be fruitful while putting on the line, at the cost of the decal. Even if dissatisfaction strikes the mind, simply try placing them somewhere else.

CircleOne offers decals which are available to need and customization bringing the perk to put them according to need and profit from indoors or outdoors and multipurpose – advertising, directional, informative and placed even at staircase, car parking lots and green laws. An innovative promotion technique to increase sales and draw eyes of many. Floor graphics are made from a special vinyl that's designed for use on floors. Use these to increase your sales and help your company become a good name.

Note: There may be size variation of 1 Inch.

  • Base Material: Monomeric PVC
  • Finish: Matte Finish
  • Glue Peel Strength: =12N/25mm
  • Material Thickness : 210 micron
  • Graphic Weight : 235 GSM
  • Size Variance : +/- 3mm
  • Printing : Full Color, 720DPI, Eco solvent Printing

Bulk Quantity Discount

QuantityDiscount Percentage(%)
Qty 2-52%
Qty 6-255%
Qty 26-507%
Qty 51-10010%
Above 10015%

Price Calculator

Flash cut Product will be cut rectangle/square according to size selected.

Die Cut / Contour Cut: Product will be cut in the shape of artwork/image leaving a border of ¼" to ½" and finish size may vary 3-5% due to die cut process. Please note that not all images can be Die Cut / Contour Cut.

UV Print:Full-Color Eco-friendly UV Printing with LED curing at 600 DPI (Dots per inch). Recommended for: Best color match, clarity and longer print life.

Lamination : With this option, an extra layer of lamination film is applied over the decal. Our laminates are specifically formulated to protect colors, provide additional abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and increased durability of up to 2 years, without impairing the substrate's flexibility.

No white ink:With this option, the colors will be washed out (translucent); good for picture effects.

Partial white ink:With this option, only the white colors in the artwork will be backed with white ink.

Full white ink:With this option, all colors in the artwork will be backed with white ink, making the colors on the sticker solid; recommended if your sticker will be used on tinted glass.

Squeegee: A stiff plastic application squeegee designed for the installation of vinyl decals & graphics. It provides easy handling and pressure control. Width- 10 cm, Height- 6 cm, Breadth- 1 cm

Total :₹ 240.00

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