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Durable and Long-Lasting Blank Banners are Made With High-Quality PVC Flex

Looking for an attractive signage solution that can convey crucial business-related information in multifold ways? CircleOne is your one-shop stop for superior-quality blank banners that help in advertising your products and services flawlessly. Allowing you to incorporate a unique branding touchpoint in your marketing strategy, the banners are significant from a repurposing and reusability standpoint.

Whether for commercial, retail, or business purposes, the premium-quality blank banners are perfect for it all. You can place them indoors or outdoors to get maximum visibility without any difficulties. Besides, the flexibility to change their messaging allows you to reuse the product depending on your varying needs and yearly promotional campaigns.

 Our versatile blank banners are crafted with high-quality PVC flex material for exceptional durability. Resistant to weatherability, the material ensures that they remain in good condition for years. Besides, it combines resilience and longevity and prevents them from damaging external elements.

 At CircleOne, our durable and long-lasting blank banners are easy to clean and maintain. To keep them in good condition, gently wipe them down with a soft and damp cloth with no cleaning solution. Moreover, they are highly portable so you can transport them from one place to another in just a few minutes.

Blank Banners are Available With MultipleHanging Options 

 Our blank banners feature multiple hanging options. These include - ultra-strong adhesive tabs, metal grommets, top and bottom pole pocket, top pole pocket, and left and right pole pocket. The grommets are helpful if you want to place your banner onto a punched hole, while the pockets are ideally helpful for hanging the banner over a cable or pole. 

Additionally, we allow you to add wind flaps alongside your banner. Our half-cut circles on the banner allow easy wind passage without damaging it. For places with high winds, wind flaps are highly advised.

Blank Banner Comes in Predefined & Custom Sizes

We provide 5 different size options with our blank banners - 3 ft x 2 ft, 2 ft x 3 ft, 4 ft x 3 ft, 6 ft x 4 ft, and 8 ft x 6 ft. Besides, we give you the flexibility to customise your banner size to suit your unique preferences. Place your order for your custom-made blank banners today, and we’ll deliver them straight to your doorstep!

  • Material: High Quality PVC Flex
  • Graphic Weight :340 GSM and 510 GSM after upgrade
  • Graphic Weight (Two Sided): 440 GSM
  • Graphic front/back color :Front- white(semi-gloss) Back- gray
  • Graphic Size Variance: +/- 1 Inch
  • Graphic Care Instructions: To clean a vinyl banner, gently wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth with no cleaning solution.
  • Pole Bracket : 2 Pole With 32" length having a base of size 5"x3" With 4 Oblong hole, 4 nos post strips with 40" long for lampost fixing, PVC cut part for a base
  • Wall Bracket :2 Pole With 32" length having base 5"x3" With 4 Oblong hole, 4 Ancer fastener,4 nos Screw.
  • Usage: Can be used indoor and outdoor

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