Personalization gives the power to choose and modify according to the needs of the customer. Our Personalized banners have the capability of grabbing the attention of many and can be used for any purpose. These banners are custom designed for the requirement of the customers making it have an appeal which adds a charm to the information being provided in their own personal way. Our Banners are capable of putting incredible growth to an organization in a simple, easy and affordable manner. Personalized banners give the liberty to choose between styles, sizes and colors, perhaps sometimes innovations leads to a creation of a banner so unique for the exclusiveness of the company.

A company which stands out will always have more attention. Custom banners are not too expensive for a company focussing of increasing consumer traffic. An exceptional, custom made banner itself could re-pay the investment in a short time, by achieving a huge number of customers. The personalization of banners is not restricted to just businesses but can be used for personal, professional or any kind of other events. A personalized banner could denote the proposal of his/her love to their loved ones. The customization benefit could increase the value of an event, with the personal effects and efforts depicted through. Whether one decides to create a sign for each holiday or merely want to wish its employees and customers Happy Holidays, the possibilities are endless with custom banners and signs. The wonderful message attached to personalized banners, which makes these highly flexible and good to put to many uses. When used to full potential a banner could be a visual appeal with information package in a lucrative form that has an offer almost impossible to deny.

Our Personalized banners at Circle One are a rise above the standard banners, a made to custom for the user, making reach banners to the next level. They can be used to promote, sponsor, celebrate or inform. A look so distinct, a glimpse would be enough to register and a grand outlook towards informing everyone about the arrival of the product/service/event. The efficiency and durability of a banner enhanced with the power of personalize makes it a must promotional strategy. The reception towards banners given by regional customers, backpackers and society targeted visitors aid in boosting the sales of an enterprise. Banners leave an impression on the consumer leaving a captured image pushing to know more about the product. It is not necessary that banners have to be huge and grand, they could be made small and beautiful catering to the requirements of promotional offers for small scale events. As well as a multiple banners placed to remind the consumer about the services at intervals.

The fresh banner custom made to fit the personality of the costumer, taking banners to the next level. Personalized banners have all the impact of expensive indoor advertising, with virtually none of the high costs. A custom banner's durability ensures that your visual messaging will make a lasting impression, regardless of the usual wear and tear.

  • Material : High Quality PVC Flex
  • Graphic Weight : 340 gsm
  • Graphic front/back color : Front- white, Back- gray
  • Printing : Full Color, 720DPI, Eco Solvent Printing
  • Graphic Size Variance Upto 5 ft : +/- 0.5 inch
  • Graphic Size Variance > 5 ft : +/- 1 Inch
  • Graphic Care Instructions : To clean a vinyl banner, gently wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth with no cleaning solution.

Bulk Quantity Discount

QuantityDiscount Percentage(%)
Qty 2-52%
Qty 6-255%
Qty 26-507%
Qty 51-10010%
Above 10015%

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510 GSM :
510 GSM material is more durable and heavy compared to 340 GSM.  It will add strength and life to your banner. Recommended for outdoor use.
UV Print :
Full-Color Eco-friendly UV Printing with LED curing at 1000 DPI (Dots per inch).

Recommended for: Best color match, clarity, and longer print life.

Ultra-strong Adhesive Tabs(Recommended): Made of a high strength composite film. Stronger than metal grommets. More effective visual effect as they blend into the banner.

Metal Grommets:  Made from Heavy Duty Brass. They are set in place onto a punched hole creating a secure and strong edge.

Pole Pockets: Created by folding and sealing approx 3" extra material outside the actual banner size towards the back of the banner, thus creating a pocket-sleeve where a pole or a rod can slide into.

Lamination: Recommended for Best color match, clarity, and longer print life. For maximum protection, we use liquid lamination. Our laminates are specifically formulated to protect colors, provide additional abrasion resistance, chemical resistance and increased durability of up to 2 years, without impairing the substrate's flexibility.

Wind flaps are half cut circles on the banner. They allow the wind to pass through the banner without damaging it. Recommend for high wind areas

Zip ties are generally used to install banners on the wire fence.

Bungees are elastic cords with metal hooks at both ends.

Nylon rope is another common way of installing outdoor banners.

Skyhooks work outdoors or indoors to attach banners, coroplast or posters to any glass or non-porous surface.

Can hang banners without putting grommet holes on it.

Pole brackets are made out of heavy metal and are strong to withstand moderate winds.Maximum width of banner is 30" for banner pole brackets.

Hardware for hanging banner on wall.Maximum width of banner is 30" for banner wall brackets.

Total :₹ 135.00

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