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COVID-19 Face Shield- A Quick & Affordable Safety Essential for Coronavirus Protection

The pandemic is in its full force and everyone is doing their best to slow down the spread of this pandemic across our nation. It has also led to increasing demand for medical safety supplies like PPE, face masks, gloves, bodysuits, etc. To meet the growing demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), we at CircelOne have introduced a new safety product for COVID-19 called the PVC Face Shield.

A few quick benefits of this shield include:

  • A single pack includes 5 high-quality PVC clear face shields at a minimal price of Rs. 435 only. Consider this a quick and affordable alternative to other medical PPE counterparts.
  • It is made using a non-brittle, clear PVC material that allows full vision display and is very durable.
  • It comes pre-installed with velcros on both the sides of the head strip to secure the clear shield in place on the forehead.
  • It acts as a shield for the entire face from the forehead down to the neck.
  • The non-brittle material is scratch proof and does not damage easily. When worn with a COVID-19 face mask and other safety products, this clear shield can be used as a medical safety solution.
  • They can be mass-produced in less time to fulfil high demand.

NOTE:This product is advised to be paired with other medical grade PPE products to make it completely safe against COVID-19.

To help you place a quick order, we offer instant checkout and no customization/personalization details are required from your end. Make the most of our ready-to-ship, safe production, safe doorstep delivery, and low-cost features. Order now!

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  • Material : Non-Brittle Clear PVC Material
  • Material Thickness : 0.02"
  • Product Size (w x h) :15" x 10.25"
  • Velcro Length Both Sides : 7.5"
  • Velcro Color : Black
  • Forehead Strip Height : 30 mm
  • Weight per pc: 70-80 grams

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