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LC 2013 M (Red)
LC 2035 M (Yellow)
LC 2045 M (Green)
LC 2052 M (Teal)
LC 2062 M (Royal Blue)
LC 2065 M (Blue)
LC 2072 G (Black Gloss)
LC 2072 M (Black Matt)
LC 2074 M (Grey)
LC 2095 M (Hot Pink)
LC 2199 G (White Gloss)
LC 2199 M (White Matt)
LC 2234 M (Brown)
LC 2414 M (Forest Green)
LC 2431 M (Parrot Green)
LC 6739 G (Gold)
PT 2021 M (Orange)
PT 2034 M (Beige)
Total (Incl. of all Taxes) : ₹ 325.40

Next Step for Design

Spreading Special Message with Custom Vehicle Lettering

A car, truck, bus or a bike, are a great medium for advertising. The message can be meant for show off or it can be meant for spreading some special message or it can be used to promote a company. This is all becomes the need as it appeals to a mass. The customers always go for a letter shop or a sticker shop, to get all this work done that is either to make the car look funky or to spread a message. But sometimes the outcome is not what we expect and also we do not get much of option. What the customers need is uniqueness and not a copy version that all have. To breakthrough this thinking, we at our website provide exactly what you need.

We sell vehicle lettering on the basis of your choice though we do have certain fixed template. We at CircleOne make custom vehicle lettering. The stickers that are printed for Vehicle Lettering is one of the finest that we provide. These lettering we are provide are of various kinds. The lettering can be used for the purpose of advertisements, it can also be used for the purpose of adding funkiness to your vehicle, and it can be used for the purpose of enlightening large audience with the social campaigns that are going to take place and the like.

This way it helps the companies or the readers to reach large audience in just a little span of time as the vehicles tend to move from one place to another. The lettering that we offer our clients comes in different sizes and shapes. They also come in the form of cut outs and also alphabets. It is easy to stick on any vehicle and it is at the same the UV proof. Since the vehicles need to bear some of the worst climates, the lettering that we provide are combination of water resistance, sun-light resistance and also smudge free. We give options for the font colors, the font type and the size of the font.

The only thing that one needs to take care is that while sticking the lettering, there should be no air bubbles formed because the air bubble makes the lettering look ugly and untidy. Since these are available as per the needs of the customers, the customers can upload their design using the designing tool that we provide on our website. They are very easy to use and at the same time it will upload the design to us on an immediate basis.

There is always a possibility that is thought by online customers whether the product that they see will be the same when they are received. You do not have to worry because it will be the same and there will be no change in the product design color and shape that has been selected by you. So in case the customers find any difficulty about the product can directly contact us and clear their doubts that are there in the mind before placing an order.

  • Material : Color vinyl (Adhesive)
  • Material Thickness : 120 Micron
  • Graphic Weight : 120 GSM
  • Color : LG LC-2000 Series Monomeric Opaque Vinyl
  • Size: Any letter should be of atleast 1 inch
  • The size you select is the overall size of your entire design and not the size of the letter. Letter size depends on the overall size and number of letters.We will proportionally resize your artwork to match the height or width of the ordered size.
  • Before applying the letters, please ensure the application surface is dry.

Bulk Quantity Discount

QuantityDiscount Percentage(%)
Qty 2-52%
Qty 6-255%
Qty 26-507%
Qty 51-10010%
Above 10015%
Based on the selection of product size and additional option attributes, you can view and download the help template for the product.