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Durable Polyester Fabric Safeguards Open Corner Table Cover from Regular Wear & Tear    

Personalized open corner table covers are an unassuming yet powerful marketing material to draw attention to your brand. They are highly versatile from business tables at tradeshows, information booths at expositions, and recruitment tables at universities. At CircleOne, our premium-quality covers can help you garner the attention of potential customers at networking events, conferences, and more. 

Designed to turn a simple table into a professional advertising display, open corner table covers boost customer engagement at events. You can place your handouts, samples and promotional merchandise on the covers and create a well-designed business display. Easy to fold and carry anywhere, they can be reused at subsequent events. 

At CircleOne, our top-quality table covers are manufactured from durable polyester fabric weighing 230 GSM. Our weather-resistant material lets you place the covers outdoors without stressing about wear and tear. Besides, it offers complete protection from dust, dirt, and spills and keeps your covers in good shape all year. 

Crafted to fit varied table sizes, our covers come in three standard sizes (W x H) including, 4 Ft x 2.5 Ft, 6 Ft x 2.5 Ft, and 8 Ft x 2.5 Ft. You can select your desired open corner table cover size depending upon your branding requirements and table size. Featuring open corners, our covers facilitate hassle-free installation and removal.  

Bring Elegance & Class to Your Table with Personalized Open Corner Table Covers 

Our table covers can be imprinted with your brand name, text, logo, or any other design for a unique appeal. Set them up anywhere, and they’ll help promote your brand and services. Browse our attractive cover designs, create your own on our website, or upload your design to get your personalized open corner table cover. 

To deliver attractive, colorful and sharp graphics, our table covers are printed with high-end dye-sublimation printing technique. Since the process uses heat to transfer the ink on the substrate, the prints are long-lasting and highly attractive. 

Open Corner Table Covers are Easy to Clean & Require Minimum Maintenance 

At CircleOne, our open corner table covers are safe to iron and wash. Wash them in a washing machine using cold water and set the machine in a gentle cycle. Do not bleach the covers; remember to use only a mild detergent to avoid unwanted damage. Besides, you can tumble dry the covers at the lowest setting.

Open Corner Table Covers
  • Material : Polyester Fabric 230 GSM
  • Printing : 1440 DPI, Dye-sub technology Printing, Full Color

Washing Instructions:

  • Your graphic is made out of High-quality polyester fabric, and it is safe to wash and iron.
  • Regular Machine washes with cold water. Select the gentle cycle and use a mild detergent. Do not use bleach.
  • Tumble dries on the lowest setting to protect fabric from any damages.
  • Wrinkles can be removed from the fabric using an iron (low setting/polyester setting) or a fabric steamer. Do ironing from Reverse side of print part or use plan paper between fabric and iron plate.

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