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Wooden Letters and Numbers are Durable, Customisable, and Portable

Signs can communicate important messages to employees and visitors at a business, but they can also serve decorative purposes as well. When you hang decorations on a wall in your office, they need to stand out in order to hold the attention of passersby. Our decorative letters and numbers offer a creative way to leave a message on a wall that people will likely notice.

We make these wall letters and numbers out of teak, which is highly durable. It can withstand high heat and is safe to use around metals. These letters resist moisture, making them a reliable choice for long-term use.

You can alter the alphabet letters and numbers by choosing your preferred height and thickness. Additionally, you can select the font and mounting hardware as well as a paper template. For a unique look, enter your own text so you can personalise the product to your liking.

These wall letters and numbers feature lightweight materials, making them easy to pick up and carry. They also have a premium construction, so you can set them up and reposition them as needed.

Decorative Letters and Numbers Feature Easy Installation and Versatility

The alphabet letters and numbers come with optional hardware for mounting on studs to make installation easy. Save time when mounting them on walls and other surfaces so you can focus on other tasks afterward.

Our wall letters and numbers have a versatile design with many uses. They are suitable for a wide range of commercial buildings, making it easy to find a place for them in your unique business.

Wooden Letters and Numbers are Easy to Acquire

Browse multiple shipping options to get your decorative letters and numbers quickly and easily. We offer doorstep delivery for extra convenience to make it simple to get your shipment at a speed and price that works for you.

Shop for Teakwood Letters and Numbers for your business online at Circle One.

  • Material: Teakwood. PU (Polyurethane) Polished for polished only
  • Teak is one of the most valuable timbers. Teak is worldwide recognized for its durability and stability. Teak is one of the few timbers that can withstand the heat of the desert. Teak will not turn black when in contact with metals.
  • Thickness: 18 mm (0.5 to 1 MM Variance)
  • Height: 6 inches to 35 inches
  • Paper template: Flex template

Mounting hardware (if selected):

  • From height 6 to 35 in - Stud

Note: We size everything proportionally to an uppercase letter size. Some letters may be shorter or taller than the height you select. The size of lowercase letter will be approximately 70% of the size of UPPERCASE letter. Size of any special character/symbol will be set proportionally