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In India there are many malls and complexes that are used for commercial purposes. There are so many people who visit these places on a daily basis. We all know that the customers in these places are either excited by the brands or the offers. Brands do not need any special advertising but what needs advertising is the offers that are provided by the various outlets. Not only the offers but also those companies who want to sustain among the big brands also need to advertise.

Advertisements are found everywhere whether it is for a political campaign or brand launch or simply advertising. Now-a -days the businesses have understood that if they need to survive in the market it is very important to advertise but at the same time these advertisements needs to be unique and appealing to the customers. So to bring uniqueness in the method of advertising, we offer our customers with something called as the Clear Static Clings.

The Clear Static Cling is very valuable way of advertising anything that is used for short period of time. The customers can easily pin it, remove it, reposition it and also reuse it. A good advantage of the clings is that the products can be advertised with ease without blocking the visuals inside the stores or outlets. Many of us who go for shopping like to see the commotion that is happening outside the stores and if the same is blocked by some posters or advertisements, they feel like abandoned people. So the Static Clear Window Clings provides the exact visibility through the windows.

Since the Static Clear Window Clings are translucent, the onlooker can look at the advertisements and at the same time they can see what is available inside the store. As they do not use adhesives, it is strictly informed that they are meant only for short term advertising like the limited period offers or the festive offers.

The customers can choose the designs that are available with us as templates or can the customers can create their own designs and graphics which can be sent to us that can be used for printing or a combination of both is possible. If the customers are confused, they can immediately get in touch with us and we can offer our assistance on selection of designs and graphics on the clings.

The sizes that are available in the Static Clear Window Clings are completely based on what the customer wants. The printing technique used in these clings is the White Ink Print. The colors used are light but vibrant.

The Static Clear Window Cling is best used when the advertisement is Inside Out. That is the position of the Cling is towards the inside the store and the appearance is towards the outside where the people passing by the stores can stop and take a look at it.

We offer wide varieties and designs to our customers along with customizing options. So do shop with us and enjoy the benefit of gathering more attention among people because of the uniqueness in terms of style and print.

  • Material: Static clear vinyl (non-adhesive,apply by static Pressure)
  • Color: Clear front / White back
  • Material Thickness:150 ±10 µ m
  • Graphic Weight : 170 GSM
  • Size Variance : +/- 3mm
  • Printing : Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Note: The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches.

Setup Instructions for Static Clear Window Clings

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