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Design your Wall with Attractive Full Color Custom Wall Fabric

They say a person's personality is reflected in the way his home or office looks and it is absolutely true. To be able to call a house a home, we try to make it as beautiful as possible and same is what people tend to do with their office. Now, an important thing that helps in enhancing the beauty of our home and office is the Wall Fabric. Homes often use floral and light wall fabric compared to that in the office. Dull and grey Wall Fabrics in the office can dull our moods and ultimately hamper our work. Therefore, we try to use Wall Fabrics which best suit our moods and personality.

In yesteryear, Wallpapers were considered to be very fashionable, but over the time people came to see their disadvantages. Often tearing in places and getting dirty easily were a headache for the customers. Soon the companies understood their dilemma and thought of using Wall fabrics instead of the wallpapers and the result is for all of us to see. They are being used extensively all over the world in place of wallpapers. Unlike wallpapers they do not tear easily and can also be washed and cleaned. They can also be installed easily by a person or at the most two people.

Wall Fabrics can turn even a boring looking wall into a trendy eye catching one. So, the serenity of a home is reflected by its floral or soothing colors. This gives the people living in the house a sense of peace and calm. Offices generally use Wall Fabrics which look attractive at the same time not too loud. These are also used by renters who come to new homes and want to give their homes a look they want without disturbing the things present there . They often take Wall Fabrics away with them once they move.

To install Wall fabrics first of all you need to measure out your walls and then buy the fabrics accordingly to your choice. First of all you must get rid of all the bumpy areas in the wall and smoothen it properly and fill all holes and cracks if necessary. You can also apply a coat of lime before putting the Wall Fabrics. It is also necessary to wash the fabric well before use so that when they are put the colors don't seep through to the walls.

Now that both the wall and the Fabric are ready you can start your work. Neatly Cut the Fabric according to the measurement of the wall and see no edges are sticking out.Start from the left corner of the wall and apply Fabric starch with a paint roller before putting the fabric. Since starch dries really fast you have to work fast and apply starch only when the fabric is ready to be put. After putting the Wall Fabric smoothing it gently from top to bottom with your hands to get rid of any folds and hitches. Get the best deals on Wall fabrics at Circle One.

  • Material: Fabric with pre- glued Back. Easy peel and stick application.
  • Graphic Weight: 150 GSM
  • Size Variance: +/- 3mm
  • Printing: Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Note: The product will be in multiple pieces if width and height both are more than 58.5 inches.

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