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Movie theatres or shopping malls and even conference/events have one thing in common- banners. These banners depict what a business wants to promote just to show its audience, what is new in the market that the company is offering to the customers. The banners are even put by organizers who want to share details about the upcoming events. Some even put up banners to protest or to support a new law. The banners help to communicate to the people with ease.

We all know that there are various kinds of banners that are used for the purpose of promoting something. But have you found which is better. The banners should not only look attractive but it should also be durable.

We at CircleOne offer Deluxe Wide Base Single Screen Roll Up Stands. Let's look at the features what makes it stand out from other Roll up Stands. These Banner Stands can accommodate only single but huge banner. These banners are have four clamps below and on top of that rests the roll up banner stand. The clamps are attached to the stand towards inside.

If one has to set the stand, they have to first take out the clamps that are adjusted inside the stand and rotate it in opposite direction of the main stand. This will form a perpendicular angle with the stand holding it straight. Before the banners are raised, the consumers have to affix a straight rod to the bottom side of the stand. This rod is for the banner to rest. Then when someone has to pull it down; they just have to hit a button available on the stand. This will roll down the banner and then it can be packed back and stored. They have a fixed height; hence the banners are also to be of the same height. The width of the Stands is almost 6 inches wider, so this makes the company to showcase more in the banners than they are actually able do with other banner stands.

These pull up standees are made up of both steel and plastic. The reason behind this combination is, steel will provide stability to the stand and the plastic will make the stand lightweight. We also provide a bag that with this stand. This bag is specially made to preserve the stands. The banner stand comes in Black or White combination. The Banners that are printed by us use Solvent Technique of printing. The Banner comes in full color. The lightweight nature of this stand makes it portable.

So if this stand interests you, you just have to log in to our website and select the banner stand. After that the customer needs to select what has to be printed on the Banner either through the template that we offer or they can upload their own idea.

The stands are generally delivered on the exact time that we have promised. So have fun shopping with us so that you can spread the name of your company all around the city.

  • Graphic Material :PP (Polypropylene) Material
  • Graphic Thickness : 280 micron
  • Hardware Material : Aluminium Anodized Coated
  • Hardware Details :
  • Simple & elegant streamline form Aluminum base
  • 1.2mm thickness aluminum extrusion for Luxurious design
  • 4 mm thickness chrome plastic end-plates, double protection, and fancy, luxurious .Adjustable feet could be kept level on the floor.
  • 3 piece of bungee pole, the dia size reach 18mm with 1mm thickness.
  • New design padded carry bag for durability and protection
  • Printing : Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Graphic Weight : 240 GSM
  • Graphic Care Instructions : To clean a banner, gently wipe it down with a soft, damp cloth with no cleaning solution.

Setup Instructions for Deluxe Wide Base Single Screen Roll Up Banner Stands

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