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Custom Hand flags are simple and convenient way to turnaround your marketing strategy, while bringing in some engagement and loyalty to inter-corporate events or other such occasions. These personalized hand held flags are made out of 90 GSM knitted polyester, ready to be deployed in a variety of events including:

  • Sports activities
  • Rallies
  • Racing events
  • Marathons, or
  • Even college festivals.


You also don’t need to buy the flags in their entirety. [We do not sell graphic only] These custom hand flags are also a neat idea for promotional events.

Put your logo or emblem on a hand held flags or events and bring in increased attention and interest. Whether you are a supporter, participant, or a mere spectator, these custom printed hand flags are a peppy and fun souvenir to have during the event.

Hand Flags
  • Printing: Sublimation printing
  • Material: 90 GSM Knitted Flag Fabric
  • Hardware: Available with four different hardware options
6 x 425cm length, 5mm diameter black solid plastic pole with Black Cusp on top
12 x 840cm length, 6mm diameter black hollow plastic pole with round ball on top
18 x 1260cm length, 8mm diameter black hollow plastic pole with round ball on top
36 X 24100cm length, 1cm diameter white hollow plastic pole


Single Sided Printing:
  • Single sided flags will show the image on the back side as a mirrored image with 50-60% visibility.

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