It is very important for a company to display its product and to inform the potential customers about their products. Heavy advertising is required when the companies are planning to launch their new products and tell the customers about the same. They advertise it through a lot of mediums like TV, Newspaper, Hoardings, etc. One of the new methods of advertising is placing the Banners in the Malls, Movie Theatres, and University festivals etc.

These days there are many Banner Stands available in the market and in online stores as well. But all are made up of Metals and none are environment friendly.

Would you like to advertise using Environment Friendly Stands? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. We, Circle One, sell the best Banner Stands that are made up of Bamboo. These stands are lightweight and are Eco friendly. We sell a stand called Bamboo Roll up Stand.

This stand is standard in the height and is attached with the help of adhesives to the foot that is rounded at the bottom. Therefore, this stand has a rotatable foot. Then there is a fold over panel right on top which is then attached to the railings at the top. This panel is also rotatable.

The best feature of this stand is that the banner accompanied is very light weight. The printing materials that are used on the banners or the posters are also light weight. Overall, this stand becomes very light weight and totally weighs 2kgs or even less.

These kinds of Bamboo Roll Ups or Bamboo Roll Displays are used so that it looks good even when there is poor lighting where the stands are ought to be set for displays. So the choice of material by which the banner is made needs to be selected based on where the stands are to be put up.

We at CircleOne provide the Bamboo Roll up stands with carry bags that are again eco-friendly and the bag is made of cotton. The bag is made up of cotton so that the Bamboo stand is kept safely.

We also provide a One Year of Warranty for the Banner. There are various other options that are provided in our website. The options can be selected by the potential as per their Banners. Our customers can select any type of Banner materials that is available and can book for the same.

We also provide banner templates and if the customers want their template, then they can upload the same. Generally the product is delivered by us in a week's time, depending on the size of the orders. It is easy and quick to order online using our services and you get delivery too as quickly.

We believe in quality of the product. If the quality of the product is not as expected by the client then the same can be replaced or the amount of payment made will be refunded. Get a bamboo roll up stand today and advertise your product while being environment friendly.

  • Graphic Material : Processed Cloth Fabric
  • Hardware Material : Wooden
  • Hardware Details : Made from natural bamboo.
  • Printing : Full Color, 600DPI, UV Printing
  • Graphic Weight : 160 GSM
  • Graphic Care Instructions : Not recommended to wash using detergent. Just clean with soft sponge and warm water.

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