Many of us do not like keeping our house windows closed because we like lights flowing inside our house. But with the open windows, we also have another problem, the dust flying inside the house, heat breeze that comes inside and people peeping inside our houses. When people peep in, it is like someone invading our privacy. It is important for us to keep our private life private.

We all know that in India people like snooping around, the neighbors are always keen to know who is coming, who is going, what party is going on and why are we not invited and the like.

Privacy is not only required for private but it is also required for professional work also. In offices many important discussions take place between the big heads which are not likely to be informed to the employees. If the cabin windows and doors are of glass, any employee can understand as to what is going on.

So to avoid this entire situation, we are providing are very lovely Indian customers with Frosted Window Decals. These Decals helps one to protect the window without stopping the lights flooding inside the house or the office. So the much needed privacy is just provided with the help of Frosted Window Decals.

The reason why people prefer Window Decals are one that can be placed easily on the glass without any help, it reduces the heat waves that comes inside the house or the office when the windows are kept open and also saves energy, can be used for Residential as well as Commercial purposes, it can be placed on the windows without usage of adhesive glues, smudge and fingerprint resistant and last but not least it is easy to clean.

There are three types of Window Decals that are available in the market. They are the Deco Tints Window Decals, Frosted Window Decals and Lite Frost Window Decals.

Frosted Window Decals provide complete privacy as these are thick and are made of opaque materials and no one knows what's going inside, but when it comes to Deco Tints and Lite Frost Window Decals, it creates only a translucent privacy because the sheets used are little thinner and hence people can see the shadows of people behind the Decals. That is why the Frosted Window Decals are considered the best as it serves the purpose of maintain privacy.

The Frosted Window Decals are available in various types of colors and graphics. The customers can custom the sizes and the designs as per their needs. The Decals can also be made the same way as the Room Color or contrasting to that.

So the Frosted Window Decals changes the entire theme of the house and makes it a very unique concept. So to make a house or an office look unique don't forget to place the order for Window Decals.

You can order it with us and we guarantee that we will not disappoint our customers. Any doubt you can just contact our customer executives and they will guide you in every possible way before you placing an order with us.

Note: There may be size variation of 1 Inch.

  • Material : Monomeric PVC
  • Glue Peel Strength : ≥12N/25mm
  • Color : Frost affected front / White back
  • Material Thickness : 100 micron
  • Graphic Weight : 100 GSM
  • Size Variance : +/- 3mm
  • Printing : Full Color, 720DPI, Eco solvent Printing

Bulk Quantity Discount

QuantityDiscount Percentage(%)
Qty 2-52%
Qty 6-255%
Qty 26-507%
Qty 51-10010%
Above 10015%

Price Calculator

Top of any solid surface Choose this option if you want to apply your decal on top of the surface to read it from the application side.

Inside of the glass surface Choose this option if you want to apply your decal inside of the transparent surface to read from outside(opposite to application side).

UV Print:Full-Color Eco-friendly UV Printing with LED curing at 600 DPI (Dots per inch). Recommended for: Best color match, clarity and longer print life.

Flash Cut (plain) : Edges of your decal will be cut straight according to the size selected. Your decal will be plain, without any print on it.

Flash Cut (with print) : Edges of your decal will be cut straight according to the size selected.

Die cut : Edges of your decal will be cut according to the shape of the artwork leaving a border of approximately 2 mm. Your decal size will not be the same as canvas size selected. Decal will be set proportionally in the canvas size selected.

Cut out : Artwork cut out off the frosted film.

Frosted lettering : Opt for this option if your artwork has only letters.

No white ink:With this option, the colors will be washed out (translucent); good for picture effects.

Partial white ink:With this option, only the white colors in the artwork will be backed with white ink.

Full white ink:With this option, all colors in the artwork will be backed with white ink, making the colors on the sticker solid; recommended if your sticker will be used on tinted glass.

Squeegee: A stiff plastic application squeegee designed for the installation of vinyl decals & graphics. It provides easy handling and pressure control. Width- 10 cm, Height- 6 cm, Breadth- 1 cm

Total :₹ 82.50

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